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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Social Workers: Promoting Social and Economic Equalities on “The Dr. Melanie Show” on VoiceAmerica

Voice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, today announced that Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee and television personality Mark Gaynor will join Dr. Melanie Barton, host of “The Dr. Melanie Show” radio program on the Health and Wellness Channel of Voice America (http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/1929/the-dr-melanie-show) on Thursday, March 21 at 10am PST.
Congresswoman Barbara Lee was nominated in 2005 for a Nobel Peace Prize along with women from 150 countries as part of the international project, “1000 Women for Peace”. Social worker Mark Gaynor was nominated 2012, and again in 2013, for the National Association of Social Workers Media Award in the reality television category. They will be two of the eight social workers in March joining Dr. Melanie on “The Dr. Melanie Show.” They will appear on episode 116 airing on March 21, 2013.

Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee is the chair of the Congressional Social Work Caucus and a social worker by trade. She represents California’s 9th Congressional District. The Congresswoman has been a strong proponent of safe communities, affordable housing, the homeless, low income energy assistance, job training, making health care affordable and universal, just immigration policies, the establishment of a living wage, and protection of the right of women to make decisions about their reproductive health.
Mark Gaynor, MSW, ACSW social worker with over thirty-five years’ experience was featured in the popular Animal Planet documentary series “Confessions: Animal Hoarding”. He was shown helping clients overcoming their compulsion. Gaynor is also an individual and couples’ psychotherapist in New Haven, Conn., who specializes in weight control issues.

“The Dr. Melanie Show” airs live on Thursdays at 10am Pacific/1pm Central/2pm Eastern on the Health and Wellness Channel on VoiceAmerica. To access the show, log on at http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/1929/the-dr-melanie-show. All shows will be available in Dr. Melanie Barton’s Content Library on the Health and Wellness Channel of Voice America for on-demand and pod cast download. Go to http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/1929/the-dr-melanie-show and select the episode you wish to hear.

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About Dr. Melanie Barton:
Melanie J. Barton, Ed.D, better known as “The Dr Melanie Show,”
(http://www.thedrmelanieshow.com) is a holistic psychotherapist since 1985, has a Master's in Social Work and Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling. Dr. Barton is licensed as an independent social worker, and is a member of National Association of Social Workers. She is an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister. She teaches meditation and visualization. She is an advocate for people lost in the maze of the social services system and a mentor to people in recovery. Dr. Barton specializes as a consultant to churches in transition and conflict. She authored The ABC’s of Children’s Sermons Based on the Revised Common Lectionary Passages, has been published in print and online including poetry, articles on who gets the church when couples divorce, eating disorders, closing a therapy practice abruptly due to a medical crisis, and her life story. Dr. Barton's technique for healing is to focus on six key areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and financial. Her specialty is connecting people to mentor one another to shorten healing time.

About VoiceAmerica/World Talk Radio, LLC:
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